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The phrase 'All kids and no play make Jack a dumb boy' is indeed true. Children with no playing areas or outdoor playground equipment indeed turn out to be lazy as well as less physically capable. Also these play areas are their little circle of joy and you will find the best of your child's smile as he swings across the platform or enters into his own play castle. Kidzlet is one of the India's leading outdoor playground equipment manufacturers in India who believes that every child does deserve some source of joy, some source of happiness in his life. With their range of garden play equipment such as castle, robot, tree house, spring rides, inflatables and much more the company makes sure every parent or institute does have the perfect playing areas for their children.

Each of the products delivered are manufactured using the highest quality of raw material to ensure the safety and security of every child. We do offer our very best and timely delivery service to every client and do make sure that each product is sent and delivered to him as per his conditions and guidelines.

Our work process is divided in to stages and hence there are multiple quality checks at each step so as to ensure no detail has been skipped or left out. Our vendors are some of the top pioneers in the field of manufacturing and hence do known complete in and out about the set industry standards.

We do not just deliver the product and consider it as a onetime deal, rather we look forward to establishing long term relations with every client. We do make sure that the work we do is in complete accordance with what client has expected and in case of any issues encountered do take immediate measures to correct the same.

Our efficient team of engineer expertise in product design and each of the product we supply and deliver products only once it is deemed fit to use by our expert panel. Each of our play equipment is easy to install and remove and is delivered in parts and assembled at customer's end. This allows easy transportation of our products and does ensures that there is no damage while in transit stage.

As playground equipment manufacturer, we believe a smile on a child's face, while enjoying on one of our products is what counts as success. With about 3 years of experience in the field of play equipment we have had numerous successful clients who have been completely satisfied by the products we offer. Our products such climbers, slides, swings and thrillers are in high demand and we do offer cash, credit or debit card payment mode for hassle free transaction.

Therefore, in case you are looking for something that children might love to be a part of, something which will keep him active and engrossed all day long, then we definitely have the right product for you. Reach out to us with your requirements and in no time will we make sure that dimple smile appears in your child's face. Kidzlet India is providing best quality and Outdoor Playground equipment for children and Kids. Our playground equipment is effectively used in garden, school, park, preschool and Garden in India. This type of playground equipment is available for sale in India at best price. We are highly recognized playground equipment manufacturer, suppliers and dealers in India. Our service is available at any time in India.

Why Choose us

In addition to providing an amazing selection of the finest play systems, furniture, activity toys,school uniform and school bags around, KIDZLET is dedicated to providing that special service and expertise that is difficult to find anywhere else. Our philosophy is simple: to provide product that will enable and enhance a child's world. Every product we sell has some educational value. All products must appeal to both the parent and the child; they must be safe and durable.

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