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  • Kids Play Equipments
  • Kids Play Equipments
  • Kids Play Equipments

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We are deals in various play equipments like outdoor playground equipment, indoor play equipment, fitness equipment, hybrid play equipment, inclusive play equipment, hybrid play equipment. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality play equipment. We are committed to meet the requirement of different type of playground equipment. We continue work on improving quality of school playground equipment. We are the play equipment suppliers of high quality at reasonable pricing with delivery on given time. Our garden play equipments are installed at given area with attractive features. We are best dealers in children’s play equipment which increases children concentration and increase creativity. We have number of engineered that make play school equipment that not harm to children.

We have collection of different types of garden and school play equipments such as activity tower, climbing frame, slides, swings, carousels, and spring rockers, balancing product, sand play, inclusive design, metal equipment, themed product, nature play and many more. Here you find all types of play equipment as per the requirement.

Types of play equipment

Playground is the place where children find a place to play and interact with other people and have fun with different play equipment. We deals in various type of play equipment that is suitable for indoor or outdoor area. We categorized our play equipments on the basis of place installation and place purpose. We have number of indoor play equipment and outdoor play equipment. Our play equipment helps in increasing social, mental and physical skills.

Indoor play equipment

We are here to provide various types of indoor play equipment. Our indoor play equipments are made of soft material that doesn’t harm body and easily install inside without consuming large area. These are easy to install and close and take less time. Indoor play equipment includes play structure, toddler play, climber, crawl tube, slides, interactive play, ballistic play, air trek, and little town. We are providing different types of indoor play equipment that are available in different colour, model and size and design. Our designer will support to customize given size and provide best option for indoor.

Outdoor play equipment

We are the manufacturing and supplier of different types of outdoor play equipment. Outdoor play equipment are easily install at various places includes park, garden, school, hotel, restaurant and as per the requirement. We includes outer space playground, aircraft series, climbing wall, pirate ship, physical play equipment, modular play equipment, tree house play equipment, sliding cable, rider, seesaw, rotating play equipment, music instrument, swings, supporting series, wooden play set and many more.

Material used to make play equipment

We use mainly three types of material to make play equipment. These are effective with long lasting features and safety features. All the material has own advantages and disadvantages. We use wood, steel and fibreglass reinforced plastic and synthetic wood. The play equipment those are made from wood are not so much durable and are easily responsible by heat and water damage. Wood equipment is cost effective compare to other material. Steel is durable but can be affected by rust in when wet. These are suitable for all climates but also have a disadvantage of burn in sunny days. The fibreglass reinforced plastic and synthetic wood are durable and suitable for all type of climate. These are expensive compare to other material but also sustain the feature of durability, safety and flexibility. We deal in all these type of material.

Safety feature in our play equipment

We focus on the safety feature of play equipment and use the technology that will not harm children. We focus on the material, element and it’s finishing. We deals in various play equipment and classified them according to the age so children will not harm while playing. Our team will fully responsible for installation and or testing proper ground surface. Our play equipment has not sharp point and edges. Our research team always focus on new and innovative technique that prevent children from any harm and also focus on make play equipment more attractive and learning.

Features of play equipment

We use the material that is recycled and textured. The surface of play equipment is rust free and will not affect by sunlight. Our playground equipment has the features of abrasion resistant, corrosion resistant, Flame retardant, long lasting with innovative design. Our playground equipments are easy to clean and maintain at low cost. Our play equipment colour is not fad and sustain for long time. We use best material that are not cracked and destroy easily.

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We understand the unique importance and significance of environment where the play equipment installed. We consistently innovate and create various range of design to meet the customers need. We manufacturer, suppliers, designer and dealers of various type of innovate and colourful products for residential, school, resort & hotels, healthcare facilities, public parks, public spaces, Recreation clubs, mall and shopping complex. We have various range of playground equipment manufacturer in such as outdoor playground equipments, indoor play equipments, teenage play equipments, specially abled playground equipments, open air gym equipments, garden play equipments, surface flooring, fancy dustbin, multi action play station, slides, garden benches and fiber bins, merry go round, kids play station, sea saw rockets, swing, climbers, kids fun, sports good, Roto Multiply system, FRP Multi play system, playground slide, playground swing, climbers, rope climbers, seesaw and rockers, spring ridders, kiddies range, outdoor fitness equipments, sport equipments, Frp dustbin, flooring and court, toy trains, amusement riders, indoor play equipments, family chair swings, net climber, thrillers, park benches, meeting point, scientific park equipments, soft foam play units, fiber kids fun rider, synthetic artificial grass, class room desk and benches, wire animals and more. We have experience team of qualitied professional and manufacturer and suppliers of playground equipments last many decades. We are providing play equipments as per client need as well as providing custom made products. We have unbeatable price for playground equipments for school and collages, Park and garden in India.

Every children need inspiring playground equipments in India, weather it is in garden or park, own yard, public park and ground of a hotels. Today’s generation spending more time in indoor rather than outdoor activities. Research and publication shown that there is negative impact of health and development of children because spending of more time in indoor activities like playing on iPad, watching television and spending more indoor. We found through our research and analysis of outdoor playground equipments benefits like as learning, creativity, health, social skill, wellbeing, independence and explore.

Putting outdoor playground equipment in park, garden, school and lawn, it help Childrens to learn with play with educational play equipments. It help kids to learn new skill and information with play as well as outdoor playing help children to think of learning in the process of outdoor playing. Outdoor play encourage the creativity as compare to indoor play equipments. Playing outside the playground equipments in India provide multiple benefits like as help them to build strong bones and good fitness levels, burn extra energy and calorized, gaining natural sunshine and vitamins D and fresh air. We manufacturer and suppliers of affordable playground equipments for children in India.

Why Choose us

Kidzlet is prominent Brand of playground equipments in India and largest manufacturer of outdoor play equipments. We have latest design of kids play equipments and adopt latest technology children outdoor playground equipments in India. We are suppliers of world class play equipments all over India. We have complete design and innovative complete range of kids play equipments in India. We have best outdoor play equipments in various colour, design, quality and feature of school playground equipments. We have all type of park play equipment for various age group like as age 2-5 years, Age 6-10 years, Age 10-12 years and ages 12-16 years. Kids play equipments are best options for school and preschool. We have school equipment with sensory organ and stimulate hand eye coordination, safety and activity features. We design play system according the growing activity needs that enable children explore new to play and engage as groups. Childrens play equipment provide energy, activity and highly adventure.

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